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Student using tablet to take a digital test

The college admissions process needs to adapt to today’s new normal

Due to early school closures and social distancing, the traditional ways of determining the applicants most likely to succeed in higher education are suddenly unavailable. It is imperative that your process adapts.

Your goal is still to enroll students of the highest quality with the greatest assurance of retention. And, you must accomplish this, remotely, while ensuring accessibility for all applicants. Your college admissions testing solution must also be proven to work, tried and ready to go. 

It may be time to consider other testing options.

Strong critical thinking, for example, is an established predictor of academic success.

Validated assessments, reliable digital testing

For over 30 years, Insight Assessment has offered an array of research-based critical thinking test instruments, including the highly respected CCTST and HSRT. Our assessments are used in high stakes undergraduate and graduate level admissions programs globally. Assessments are available in multiple languages.

  • Access: Assessments are available digitally and can be taken anywhere, anytime on any device, 24/7, using our flexible, app based mobile delivery. (We’ve provided digital testing for 20 years)
  • Validity: Our products have been developed and validated through decades of testing. Construct and predictive validity, internal consistency, and test-retest reliability meet the highest measurement tool standards.
  • Equality: Our instruments minimize the impact of gender, racial, socio-economic status and language biases. The assessments are also offered in multiple languages.
  • Reliable data: Assessments measure core components of critical thinking skills and/or critical thinking habits of mind. Comprehensive data and analytics on strengths and weaknesses. Appropriate comparison percentiles are available for your students and programs.
  • Greater data relevance: Individual and group critical thinking data is valuable not only for admissions, but also for placement, student success,  retention programs and for accreditation self-studies.

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Incorporate critical thinking into college admissions testing

When colleges and universities reopen, you can be positioned with new cohorts of students eager to earn degrees in the post COVID-19 global recovery.

Actions now will help recruit, qualify, and retain your new students. Call us at 650-697-5628  or contact us today about remote testing to support your 2020-2021 college admissions process.

15 Reasons to Choose Insight Assessment’s Proven Digital Testing 

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