5 Required Problem Solving Skills for Business Staff

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24/7 in every economic sector, employees are trying to solve problems—with a customer, a part, a change, an application and more.  Competent staff members are expected to be able to do what it takes to accomplish their tasks.  If the right person was selected for the job, many things play into the solution—an awareness of company policies and procedures, the correct identification of the core issue, knowledge of available options and the commitment to finding the best resolution.  If the staff member doesn’t have good problem solving skills, then too often the business suffers.

5 Business staff problem solving skills needed to achieve company goals:

  • Situation Comprehension: the ability to analyze and understand business situations, to keep details in proportion, and to focus on the elements of the work that matter.  Staff members with strong analytical and interpretive skills contribute to team productivity and efficiency.
  • Evaluating Choices:the ability to differentiate the quality of different possible choices and to explain the reasons behind that evaluation. Successful problem solvers offer sound opinions and provide good reasons for their thought process.
  • Anticipating Outcomes: the ability to anticipate logical consequences and outcomes of actions and decisions. Strong skills enable staff to contribute to team problem solving, to anticipate the needs of clients and customers and to offer suggestions which can help an organization deliver its products and services more effectively and efficiently.
  • Numeric Literacy:the ability to perform well when vital information is presented in charts, graphs, text or tables. Numeric literacy is essential in today’s workplace, but particularly for those whose work involves sales, budgets, invoicing, payables, receivables, or responding to customer questions about any of these concerns.
  • OVERALL Workplace Problem Solving Skills: the integration of thinking and reasoning skills needed to address workplace situations requiring practical problem solving at the organization’s staff levels.

INSIGHT Business Staff is calibrated to objectively assess these job related judgment skills needed for customer satisfaction and project success.

INSIGHT Business Staff presents everyday scenarios which require staff to understand business situations, keep details in proportion and focus on elements of the work that matter. Problems require anticipating the needs of clients, understanding numerical information and contributing to team problem solving. Reports provide objective metrics rigorously calibrated to document the ways effective staff members apply reasoning skills to job-related situations. Comprehensive individual strengths and weaknesses are analyzed for these 5 business problem solving skills and 10 business work ethic attributes.

Contact us discuss the uses and benefits of assessing staff thinking.

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