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Why K-12 Schools Use Critical Thinking in Admissions

K-12 schools use EDUCATE INSIGHT assessments to assess critical thinking because they need objective information to assist them in identifying applicants who are ready, willing, …

Woman executive thinking as she looks at the words: 18 examples of using critical thinking

18 Examples of Using Critical Thinking in Business

Critical thinking is essential for workplace decision making. Is there immediate value from an initiative to strengthen critical thinking in new hires and/or current employees?  Just …

Correlation Between Decision-making and Critical Thinking Skills

We are often asked about the correlation between critical thinking skills and strong business reasoning skills. Many clients are preparing to make a commitment to …

Assessment: It’s more than an algorithm

Insight Assessment doesn’t just offer an algorithm processing an amalgam of data. We offer proven, validated research-based assessments that measure and report on the most …

Researchers Focus on Critical Thinking

Many projects using Insight Assessment instruments to evaluate critical thinking skills and mindset attributes have been awarded funding by major governmental agencies which evaluate highly …

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