10 Resources for More Impactful Thinking Assessment

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Get the data you need to achieve your critical thinking assessment goals

Insight Assessment is committed to helping our clients achieve their assessment goals.

Fall is a busy time for our clients. They are deep into planning and implementing fall critical thinking assessment programs—or wrapping up spring assessment projects, mining their data. Researchers are writing up their results for publication, grants or doctoral proposals. Some clients are looking to optimize their ongoing assessment data management. Project leaders are using data to target the improvement of skills needing improvement.

Insight Assessment is there to assist them with excellent service staff and resources. We want our customers to receive the maximum benefit from their investment in assessing reasoning skills and thinking mindset. You can start with some of the free resources on our website listed below.

10 free resources that make our client’s assessment process easier and more productive:

Getting new assessment projects started:

Maximizing impact of assessment data:

Most valuable resources for our customers:

  • Comprehensive Test Manuals (Available to clients only): for current information on test administration options, scales, score interpretation, instrument validity, norms and comparison percentiles.
  • Our dedicated customer service staff who are ready to help clients achieve their assessment goals.

Our website includes many additional resources on critical thinking, optimizing assessment design and improving reasoning. Follow our blog, Thinking INSIGHT.

Client support from assessment selection & program design through reporting & interpretation of results

Insight Assessment is the leading provider of superior quality, app-based, multi-lingual, externally benchmarked, cost effective, and educationally efficient critical thinking assessments and results reporting services. Insight Assessment have over 30 years of experience helping our clients achieve their critical thinking assessment goals.

Contact us today to get additional information about the assessment tools calibrated to deliver the data you need.


8 Most Popular Free Critical Thinking Resources and Tools

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