10 Characteristics of Good Leaders

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Leaders are more than a skill set

Strategic leadership requires a complex integration of skills and mindset attributes.  In addition to having strong decision-making skills, effective leaders share certain common traits.  They are driven to accomplish goals and have the ability to energize an entire organization.

In times of crisis, the mental disciplines (like adaptability, integrity and commitment) of leaders are even more important. Change management requires the consistent internal motivation to engage problems and make decisions by applying reasoning skills. Strong thinkers are motivated to tackle problems by gathering the best information, analyzing potential costs against potential gains—and then making a well-reasoned decision.  Effective leaders remain open to the possibility that they may need to reverse course, or even chart a new course. 

Ten core leadership attributes characterize successful leaders

Every day, leaders and decision-makers need to be:

  1. Driven:  committed to the vigorous pursuit of professional excellence, with a consuming internal demand to achieve the vision of the organization.
  2. Discerning:  displays courage and objectivity in decision making. When making difficult decisions, they tend to ask the tough questions, to follow reasons and evidence wherever it takes them.  They give due consideration to competing points of view.
  3. Innovative:  have an appetite for innovation, see change as an opportunity for growth, are resilient agents of change in fast paced or fluid environments.
  4. Foresightful:  alert to potential difficulties, always striving to foresee consequences, ready to use reasoning and fact-finding to resolve difficulties and foreseeable problems.
  5. Judicious:  shows maturity and thoughtfulness in decision-making. They recognize that some problems are ill-structured, that, often, there is more than one reasonable option, and that poor decisions should be dispassionately revisited.
  6. Incisive:  capable of making those strategic decisions that are tough, but necessary to achieve the organization’s mission.
  7. Tolerant: respects diversity in the workplace, including showing due respect for different perspectives, opinions, and suggestions.
  8. Honorable:  conduct themselves with integrity, honesty, ethics and truthfulness in communication and behavior.
  9. Motivational:  capable of inspiring an entire organization, moving it forward with enthusiasm and energy, motivating others to give their best.
  10. Professional:  limits socializing to that which is necessary to get the job done. They take an appropriate and professional approach to social interactions at work. They understand that professionalism is vital to maintaining a proper focus on work responsibilities, facilitating collaboration, and providing positive leadership.

Identify leaders ready to grow your company

Our clients need strong thinkers who are motivated to tackle problems by gathering the best information, analyzing potential costs against potential gains—and then making a well-reasoned decision.  They need leaders who have the ability to approach problems and decisions with a positive mindset so that they can motivate and empower their team to succeed.

INSIGHT Executive objectively assesses and reports on each of these top 10 essential leadership mindset attributes plus 5 core leadership thinking skills.

The metrics reported on INSIGHT Executive have been rigorously calibrated to identify how decisions were made and measure the application of reasoning skills. Comprehensive individual reports document strengths and weaknesses in essential executive mindset attributes and cognitive skills required for high stakes decision-making.  

INSIGHT offers global assessment capability with tools calibrated to match your employee group.

You require leaders able to make good decisions

Why wait? Success depends upon strong decision makers who are committed to asking the hard questions and making the tough calls.

Contact us today to identify leaders who are ready to move your company forward.  Call 650-697-5628.

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