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Mastering Evaluation Skills: Unlocking Success for Thought Leaders and Professionals

After more than 3 decades of collecting and studying data on the reasoning skills of future professionals, one ability stands out as the most challenging: …

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INSIGHT BASECAMP: The new comprehensive and innovative platform for developing your critical thinking.

Insight Assessment’s high-quality, expertly designed, and interactive critical thinking self-development tools are now available for the first time directly to individuals through INSIGHT BASECAMP.

Successful Companies Plan for Transition

Predicting economic trends has proven to be difficult in recent years. Previous patterns have been disrupted by both intentional change and unexpected events. All of …

Students in a classroom discussing the topic. Students are smiling and enjoying the content of the lesson.

Accomplishing Assessment Initiatives

A baseline fact-check and the response to stakeholders. Some say a college education is not worth the time, and certainly not worth the cost. Even …

Eleanor Roosevelt

Create a Workforce of Great Minds

Eleanor Roosevelt brought a stunning level of analytical thinking to her social activism, her role as First Lady, and her service as Chair of the …

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