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Virtual Action-Planning Meeting

Building a Smart and Adaptive Workforce

In recent months, people who can see change as opportunity have been emerging as leaders in every network. When others are overwhelmed, these people are …

Celebrating Dr. Fernando Riegel

We commemorate our colleague Fernando Riegel, Nurse Professor Doctor in Brazil, for the publication “Critical Holistic Thinking in Times of Covid-19: unveiling fundamental skills to …

Executive decision-maker looking at a city through a light bulb shaped window

How to Prevent Poor Problem-Solving and Bad Decisions

Do your employees lack problem-solving skills? Do they make bad decisions? Your business success depends upon identifying the people who can handle uncertainty, problem-solve, and make good decisions. Strong critical …

Critical thinking data revealed where to put our efforts

Using Critical Thinking Skills Data to Focus Efforts

How to use aggregated group score reports to advance educational effectiveness, increase retention, improve student success, and prepare for accreditation self-studies This “message to colleagues,” …

Critical Thinking is the Essence of Clinical Reasoning

Strengthening the Essence of Clinical Reasoning

The Role of Critical Thinking in Clinical Reasoning Critical thinking drives the continued development of new knowledge and practice competence for every clinician, clinical scientist, …

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