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Image of student with electronic representations of STEM data in her head

Critical Thinking and STEM Education

Training for critical thinking has always been a primary focus in STEM education programs throughout the world Now, more than ever, students (and their parents) …

Moneyball - improving employee performance

Moneyball and Improving Employee Performance

Using evidence-based statistics to improve team and employee performance ‘Moneyball, The Art of Winning an Unfair Game,’ written by Michael Lewis, uncovered the strategy behind …

Professor teaching a remote class using active learning strategies

Strategies to Promote Critical Thinking Through Active Learning

There are key active learning strategies for instructors and behaviors from the students that promote the development of strong critical thinking. To teach for critical …

Male doctor in scrubs concentrates on improving patient outcomes

Critical Thinking Mindset for Improving Patient Outcomes

The role of positive thinking mindset in improving patient outcomes In the challenging and busy health care delivery environment, we don’t spend enough time celebrating …

student working outdoors on his laptop

Strategies for Student Retention

With all the pandemic-induced uncertainties, retaining new and returning students has become a vital priority. It is essential to retain the new students you’ve worked …

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