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Insight Assessment was founded by people who believe that success in any endeavor demands good thinking. In business, government, and education, this means that people at every level of an organization must learn to reason fair-mindedly with skillful consideration of consequences, and be able to solve problems and propose changes that will move the organization forward.

Humans have to work hard to think well. But thinking well is the key to effective problem solving and decision making, particularly in novel contexts of risk and uncertainty. Even experienced leaders sometimes make poor judgments that are costly to themselves and their organizations. A measure of someone’s critical thinking ability is a reliable indicator of how they will perform when faced with new problems in high impact and time-limited situations.

Insight Assessment provides valid and reliable measures to assess critical thinking skills and habits of mind. Our test results identify specific strengths and weaknesses. This information aids in evaluation and informs the design of programs and demonstrates achieved gains in critical thinking and reasoning.

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