Why measure critical thinking?

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Successful performance in business, health care, government service, and education requires fair-minded decision making, anticipation of consequences, and the evaluation of options and actions.

Human reasoning and problem solving are highly complex processes, but not impossible to analyze, measure and improve. A measure of critical thinking that describes an individual’s comparative strength in critical thinking is a valuable aid in determining a person’s capacity to benefit from training or to succeed in their job.

Today, educational programs and workplace training programs are being required to demonstrate that they are effectively improving critical thinking skills. Individual measures of critical thinking ability (analysis, inference, evaluation, inductive reasoning and deductive reasoning) provide valuable information about potential hires and guidance as to where to dedicate programs of improvement in workers and students.

As the world leader in the measurement of critical thinking, Insight Assessment provides valid and reliable test instruments to assist our clients to know which of their people have the core skills and mindset to draw reasonable conclusions, evaluate arguments and explain their own points of view by providing good reasons and solid evidence.

Insight Assessment also offers INSIGHT Development Program.  Online modules, featuring workplace examples, guide individuals and teams toward the continued improvement of their critical thinking skills and mindset attributes.

For further information about why it is important to measure critical thinking, read Critical Thinking What It Is And Why It Counts by Insight Assessment senior researcher, Dr. Peter Facione.

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