Why critical thinking? And why should we measure it?

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Critical thinking is essential for making reasoned judgements.  In every life context where reasoned judgments are important.  In everyday life.  In the workplace.  In our social, civic, and political decision-making.  In times of crises.  When opportunities arise.  When someone needs our help.  Whenever and where ever solving a problem or making a better decision is important.

Here’s what we know about critical thinking.  1. The experts DO agree on what it means.  2. Critical thinking can be learned.  3. It can be measured.  4. It can be taught.   And more – Top Ten Critical Thinking FAQs

We all benefit from strong critical thinking. Successful performance in business, health care, government service, and education requires fair-minded decision making, anticipation of consequences, and the evaluation of options and actions.

As with everything in life that is important, “you get what you measure.”  So if critical thinking is important in education, in business, in leadership, in health-care decision making, in evaluating what we are presented by the media and by marketers, in our lives at all, then it is something we ought to measure and strengthen. 

As the world leader in the measurement of critical thinking, Insight Assessment provides valid and reliable test instruments to assist our clients to know which of their people have the core skills and mindset to draw reasonable conclusions, evaluate arguments and explain their own points of view by providing good reasons and solid evidence.

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