Why Health Care Providers Assess Critical Thinking

Health Care worker wearing scrubs in operating room
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Building critical thinking strength throughout your health care delivery team improves patient outcomes and reduces risks of errors in judgment

Today’s healthcare professionals need to make timely, evidenced-based, high stakes, situation-specific decisions every day.  Health care providers use Insight Assessment health science critical thinking instruments to identify job applicants who demonstrate the skills and mindset needed for professional success and to transform health care delivery.

Uses for employee critical thinking assessment and development

Here are a few ways hospitals, medical centers and medical insurance companies are using our testing instruments, score reporting services and training program for prescreening health care workers, supporting staff development and improving outcomes:

  • Newly licensed nurses have come to expect additional workplace training when they are first hired. Similarly, more and more health centersdemand strength in critical thinking of their new hires. Many have integrated the assessment of critical thinking using INSIGHT Health test instruments into their hiring programs to assure that new hires will have the skills and habits of mind needed to develop into expert clinicians and diagnosticians..

  • Major health care systems use the HSRT to compare thinking skill scores for their various health centers and medical specialties analyzing areas of strength and weakness.

  • Hospitals use the INSIGHT Health Professional in ongoing programs of staff development to determine the effectiveness of focused training programs. Other hospitals integrate INSIGHT Development Program to provide a self-paced program for employees to improve their critical thinking skills and mindset attributes.

  • A nurse educator at a major medical center uses the HSRT to train new employees during their probationary period.

  • A national health care hospital system is using the CCTDI disposition test to hire hospital staff who demonstrate strength in critical thinking habits of mind for all of its hospitals, nationwide. They use the objective individual report data to identify top job candidates before conducting interviews.

  • To diminish errors in patient care, a rehabilitation services center is using INSIGHT Health Staff to identify employees who would most benefit from employee development programs in diagnostic reasoning and care delivery quality assurance.   

  • A health insurance company uses the INSIGHT Health business focused assessments to hire employees who will be able to analyze and evaluate claims efficiently and effectively.

  • Military base uses the HSRT to ensure strong critical thinking skills in members of their Nurse Transition Program in which civilian nurses are trained to work for the armed forces.

  • Major health system implemented a region-wide training program for nurse leaders, embedding critical thinking competencies across all learning activities.

  • Long term health care provider uses INSIGHT Health Staff for hiring purposes to identify health aides candidates with the work ethic and problem solving skills to deliver quality care to patients.

  •  Medical center customized a 2 part assessment program to identify leadership potential in nurses; they use INSIGHT Health Professional (Part 2) to assess clinical reasoning skills at each competency level during orientation and INSIGHT Business Professional (Part 1) to assess strength in key management mindset attributes. 

  • Military unit for health care personnel uses the HSRT to evaluate a training program designed to improve clinical reasoning and leadership skills.

  • Hospitals used INSIGHT Health data to seek funding for initiatives to improve patient outcomes.

  • A military training program uses  INSIGHT Health Professional to test the effectiveness of an intensive three month nurses training program designed to develop critical thinking skills.  Trainees are tested before, & after the training session and again one year after they are deployed at military medical centers. Gains at post-test have documented achievement of their objective to improve reasoning skills. Additional gains at one year show that personnel continue to improve in their reasoning and decision-making skills over time.

Get the answers you need to minimize the costs of errors and poor decisions throughout all departments.

Insight Assessment provides a solution to the medical industry’s challenge of making informed, data driven decisions when hiring, placing and developing the talent who can achieve strong operational performance and service ethic. Our comprehensive individual and group reports are calibrated to deliver objective, reliable analysis of the decision skills required in high stakes medical fields.

Contact us today to add the power of Insight Assessment online reasoning skills assessments to your recruitment and training.  Join our many long term clients who have transformed their health care service delivery teams into high performance reasoning and decision making units.

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