What types of custom questions can I ask?

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Just about anything that it is legal to ask.  For example, you can ask about educational background, employment background, which department or work group a person is a member of, or how much time a person spends on a given activity.  If you know the choices you want test takers to select from, you can supply them. If you want the test takers to enter a free text response, that works too.

Insight Assessment does not advise the use of the customer designed questions to collect data that would jeopardize the security or identity of any test taker. Insight Assessment is not responsible for any misuse of this data. In addition, collecting data that may be used to support discriminatory or illegal business practices is strictly prohibited. Otherwise yes, they are for you to decide.

Custom questions enable test administrators to better organize their results.  Custom questions are used to gather the classification and demographic metrics needed to support analysis and grouping of test results. Insight Assessment’s testing system enables clients to create up to ten custom demographic items.  Response options include selecting choices provided by the client or free response. There are also five default demographic items which clients may elect to eliminate or retain.

Contact Insight Assessment to learn more about creating custom demographic items to optimize data versatility. We are happy to assist clients in getting the most helpful information possible when using our testing instruments and our powerfully versatile testing system.

Benefits of Insight Assessment Custom Questions

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