What test score reports do I receive?

5 histograms showing distribution of scores on an Insight Assessment critical thinking skills test
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The purchase of all Insight Assessment test instruments includes the Assessment Reports package which includes the score of each scale on the test and basic descriptive group statistics, namely mean, median, high score, low score, standard deviation, and the like.  Clients who administer online assessments can opt to give each test-taker an individual report of their scores.

Insight Assessment clients can customize their results package with additional analyses, graphics, and interpretative text discussing their scores in relationship to their particular goals and objectives. Each customized report package is designed and tailored to best meet your needs. Pricing for customized reporting is individually negotiated.

Comprehensive information about interpreting individual and group reports are provided in your Test Manual materials or you can contact our staff for additional consultation.

Information about the specific skills or attributes measured is located on the individual test page. Product Summary

For more information about Insight Assessment report packages.

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