What support does IA provide for SACS QEPs?

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At Insight Assessment, we specialize in multi-year QEP data gathering focused on critical thinking, one of the most meaningful and broadly endorsed learning outcomes.  We have been working with SACS institution QEP projects for more than 25 years, and therefore have the experience, the technology, and the expertise to support your critical thinking outcome assessment needs.

Strong SACS QEPs require commitment in the development of the plan, its effective execution, and a thoughtful analysis and presentation of the QEP results.

Insight Assessment provides valuable support for successful QEP initiatives:

  • Highest quality instrumentation. Our internationally respected higher education testing instruments are powerful.  They generate scores on quantitative reasoning as well as critical thinking and its component skills.
  • Rigorous commitment to integrity and accuracy in data gathering and results reportingOur test measures are proven, reliable and respected.
  • The most versatile test administration options. Our secure, encrypted online testing system allows our clients to tailor their assessment design to the needs of their campus.  Access to these online tools including app-based testing can be added to your quality enhancement project or accreditation self-study plan in less than one business day.
  • Multilingual testing options. We provide independent language flexibility in our assessment instruments and in the test taker interface (TTI)
  • Institutional level and profession-specific benchmarking. STEM undergraduate national percentiles and Research I national percentiles have been added to the set of national benchmark comparisons (two-year college, four-year college, and graduate professional) from which our SACS clients can select.
  • Accurate and complete scoring. Presentation ready reports provide test taker data in formats that permit the complex analyses that drive decision-making.  Using our interactive reporting system, you will be able to provide separate group reports for each academic unit.
  • Optional individual student score reports students can augment their employment or academic portfolios with objective documentation of their critical thinking skills and mindset.
  • Client custom demographic data collection and integration.  Custom questions can be used to gather the classification and demographic metrics needed to support analysis and grouping of test results.
  • Reliable multi year assessment planning and cost projections
  • Deep discounts for non-profit educational institutions and funded researchers
  • Available data analysis services from doctorally-prepared experts with university research experience. Our mission at Insight Assessment is to assist educational institutions to achieve their goals for student learning. Test adoption includes a staff consultation to assist you in developing attainable QEP goals that will have measurable benefits for your students

Contact us or call 650-697-5628 to learn more about the ways Insight Assessment is currently supporting successful and transformative QEP projects throughout the SACS region.


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