What is Your Company’s Capacity for Success?

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Businesses succeed or fail based on having the right product at the right time, knowing and targeting the customers who need that product, cost effective supply—and then constant innovation.

Are your employees the best thinkers for their job?

Like it or not employees are the primary factor in the success of growing companies. Decisions occur at every level of your business. Some decisions are springboards to success and others are costly errors in judgment.  It is not just executives and professionals who need to use strong and strategic thinking every day in their jobs. Temporary workers, skilled staff, supervisors and managers make decisions every day which impact your company’s bottom line and growth. The quality of your products and services ultimately depends on the mindset and decision making skills of your employees.

How are your employees impacting your capacity for success?  Do you have this data:

  • What are the critical thinking skills and reasoning mindset characteristics that are predictive of workplace success?
  • Which of your employees have strong analytical skills? Who is a motivational leader? Who is skilled at evaluating complex options?
  • How many people focus on working through problems in an organized and orderly way?
  • Who strives to anticipate potential difficulties and to foresee the consequences of decisions? 
  • Does your new product team demonstrate the mental disciplines and mindset to drive that new idea from concept to completion?
  • Which employees have the mindset to persist until they get the problems right and find solutions that work for your organization?
  • Can your staff see the opportunities for growth presented in the rapidly changing economy?
  • Does your employees have the potential to adapt to change and thrive in high pressure situations?
  • Have you identified the talented innovators who will lead your business into the future?
  • Does your customer service staff have the skill necessary to retain current clients?
  • Where are your weak links?

If you don’t have the data you may not have the best thinkers on the job and it is limiting your capacity for success.

INSIGHT Business Professional test instruments deliver an objective, comprehensive measurement five critical thinking skills and ten reasoning mindset characteristics that are predictive of workplace success. You’ll receive comprehensive individual reports that clearly document the reasoning strengths and weaknesses of each test taker.  The analysis and rankings of the key problem-solving and decision making skills of your employees will be immediately relevant for prescreening candidates, matching employee skills to jobs, identifying areas for personal improvement and focusing professional development to improve productivity.

You work hard to hire the best available talent but how can you adapt their existing professional skills to the new needs of your business?

Add INSIGHT Development Program to your employee development or onboarding programs.   INSIGHT Development Program offers a suite of proven training modules designed to improve thinking. It is a cost effective, validated self-paced program  with a flexible structure that lets employees work independently, controlling time on task, pace and progress.

Too many opportunities and risks present every day to not demand effective talent management strategies to attract develop and retain top talents.   Whether you’re hiring 10 employees or 10,000, we give you the data you need to identify strong thinkers and place them in the right job where they can increase your capacity to grow.

Contact us to get started.

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