What is the reliability of the Insight Assessment critical thinking mindset instruments?

Cronbach’s Alpha is the appropriate internal consistency coefficient for all measures of critical thinking and leadership mindset dispositional elements because scoring for these instruments is in Likert Format. 

Assessment instruments sold by Insight Assessment meet the threshold for strong internal consistency reliability (a minimum Alpha of 0.80) and are observed to maintain this performance in all samples of adequate variance.  Internal consistency reliability for the individual scales included in any of the mindset measures range from .71 to .80, with the alpha for the overall instrument. When it is theoretically appropriate to combine the scales into an overall measure of critical thinking mindset (as in the case of the CCTDI) this value typically exceeds .91. Strong values have been observed consistently in independent samples collected over the past 25 years in various language translations, ranging from .60 to .78 on the scales and .90 or above for the overall measure. Lower reliability coefficients are observed in samples where the variance of scores is not large.

Occasionally a customer may require a calculation of the internal consistency reliability coefficient for their own sample. This is sometimes the case in research studies where the population being measured is atypical in some respect. When the sample size is adequate to support the analysis (at least several hundred participants are advised), clients may request a custom analysis of the appropriate internal consistency statistic for their study sample. Additional fees apply.

The Cronbach’s Alpha statistic applies to Insight Assessment measures of mindset attributes:  the CCTDI, the EDUCATE INSIGHT Thinking Mindset series, BAI, and the first parts of the LSRP,MDCTI,CSS and INSIGHT series. 

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