What is the OVERALL score reported by Insight Assessment Skills test instruments?

Measure critical thinking skills

All of the critical thinking skills instruments authored by the research team headed by Dr. Facione have a key result: OVERALL score (an holistic measure of the very complex construct critical thinking). Some confuse OVERALL score with the idea of a total score.

The OVERALL score for our critical thinking skills test is derived as the sum of parts of the assessment. .

The CCTST, HSRT, TER and BCTST  report both the OVERALL score and six scale scores using a 100 point metric (more easily interpreted by clients and test takers). Over time, the scale scores have been strengthened as indicators of areas where additional training may be necessary. Additional scales have been added, Numeracy for instance, as we refine the measurement of critical thinking skills.

Percentile comparisons that allow investigators to compare individuals and groups to external criterion measures of skill in critical thinking are attached to the OVERALL score and not to the scale scores.  OVERALL score can be compared over time and across cohorts. Scale scores are intended to be indicators of areas where those who score poorly on a given test should focus their future training.

Additional current information about these instruments, and other research on critical thinking skills and mindset and their measurement, can be found on our website.

What is a percentile?

Percentiles, Norms and Comparison Groups

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