What is test anxiety?

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Test anxiety is the term commonly used to describe anxiety when required to participate in testing situations. For some individuals, fears of under-performance on a test can become reality because of performance anxiety. Because, for some individuals, test anxiety can be severe and/or potentially limiting to human potential, the American Disability Act addresses this issue. The client’s own agency (business, education, military, etc.) may have additional policies and directives addressing test anxiety that clients will need to consider.

When it is determined that accommodations are necessary, these usually include setting up a test condition where the test taker can complete the test in a quiet environment and with extended time accommodation for completion of the test.

If you are a client and any of your test takers require this type of accommodations, just contact one of our agents and we can set up this testing condition for you. Test takers who will be completing their assessments online can also prepare for the testing experience by downloading and using our mobile app, Critical Thinking Insight.

Insight Assessment’s policy on Disability Accommodations

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