What is Pre & Post Testing?

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What is Pretest and Posttest assessment?

Pre and post testing is a assessment model designed to examine the change in overall critical thinking skills or dispositions in a group of test takers.

It’s reasonable to posttest as soon as a few weeks after a focused training program in critical thinking, but most often a posttest is gathered months or years after the pretest. One common example for university settings is a pretest at the beginning of a degree program and a posttest sometime toward the end of the program. For businesses, the pretest might be done before an employee training program is begun and a posttest could be set for weeks or months after the program has been completed.

How are pretest and posttest data analyzed?

Gathering pretest data from entering students enables matched pairs analyses of pretest and posttest data in which each individual’s posttest is compared with that same individual’s pretest.  For this method of analysis to be successful, it must be possible to match pretest and posttest for the same individual.  Hence a coding system of some kind is needed, e.g. ID number, investigator designated code number, or test-taker name.  Matched-pairs analysis is not the only method of pretest to posttest analysis; contact Insight Assessment educational testing specialists to discuss the specific requirements of your project.

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