What is criterion (predictive) validity?

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Criterion validity is the most important consideration in the validity of a test. Criterion validity refers to the ability of the test to predict some criterion behavior external to the test itself.

For example, the validity of a cognitive test for job performance is the demonstrated relationship between test scores and supervisor performance ratings. For instance, one might want to know whether scores on a measure of critical thinking skills were predictive of some meaningful measure demonstrating the achievement of designated learning outcomes or the successful preparation and licensure of key professionals in society, or the successful transition to the workplace.

Our clients have reported criterion validity for the metrics included in INSIGHT Instruments related to workplace decision-making performance, and the demonstration of mindset attributes such as dependability, commitment, flexibility, and honesty. Independent research studies of skills instruments used for professional education programs (CCTST, HSRT, BCTST and TER,) have all been demonstrated to be predictive of professional board licensure, certification, program completion, and successful transition to the workplace.

Criterion validity has been demonstrated by these assessment instruments as they are cited in a large and growing literature, reflecting findings in both the United States and other nations around the world. Many of these studies have been completed with authorized culturally sensitive translations of the assessments created with the collaborative assistance of international scholars. Independent research projects using Insight Assessment instruments have been funded by the USA NSF, DoD, NCI, CDC, DoE, by government funding from China, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand, Canada, Australia, South Africa, and many nations in the EU.

Independent, peer reviewed research providing evidence of predictive validity of these Insight Assessment skills assessments can be found on the following links to published independent research:

Included in this research are doctoral dissertation studies examining critical thinking in relationship to disciplinary training in a wide variety of disciplines.

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