What is a rubric?

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Rubrics are rating forms designed to capture evidence of a particular quality or construct. The quality of the measure obtained from a rubric depends on how well it is designed. If the rubric is poorly designed, the rating is confounded or inaccurate. The quality of the rubric is also affected by the skill of the rater using the rubric.  When using a rubric it is necessary to train and calibrate the raters to use the rubric well to assure that ratings are accurate and consistent across all raters. Ratings using rubrics cannot be benchmarked against national norm groups or compared to other ratings made by other rater groups.

Visit the Insight Assessment Resources Section for a selection of free resources for those engaged in teaching for and about thinking including the Holistic Critical Thinking Scoring Rubric (HCTSR) and the Professional Judgment Rating Form (PJRF).

How does a rubric like the Holistic Thinking Scoring Rubric work?

Can critical thinking be assessed with a rubric?

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