What are Insight Assessment’s green industrial practices?

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Insight Assessment continues to review the environmental practices of our company. Over the past 10 years, we have been investing in improving the electronic delivery of all of our products in anticipation of the need for a business solution that responds maximally to concerns for the environment. Delivering our product through online testing provides the best protection of our planet and the best use of our natural resources as we now understand the overall environmental impact.

However, we know that many of our clients continue to require a testing option that allows paper and pencil administration. As a result, we have made a commitment to continue paper based products, addressing environmental concerns by moving all inventory production to recycled paper products. The necessity for clean test booklets for each test taker is a best practices guideline based on the test takers’ behavior of drawing diagrams, crossing out rejected answer options, and making notations about the inferences that they have drawn while reasoning through items on a paper test. We encourage all clients using paper test booklets to recycle their test booklets, just as they should recycle other consumable paper products, to optimize the value of these paper resources.

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