What are Customized Assessment Reports?

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Customized Assessment Reports provide options for you to enhance your results package with additional analyses, graphics, and interpretative text discussing your scores in relationship to your particular goals and objective.

Customized assessment packages most often provide group level (employees, applicants, students) graphic presentation of critical thinking skill levels, comparing groups as is appropriate and following these groups over time. Descriptive and comparative analyses of critical thinking scores in relationship to other key agency variables are also common components of a customized assessment report package, including the reporting of the strength of these relationships using the appropriate statistical tests if requested.

Customers frequently choose a Customized Assessment Report to prepare results for a stakeholder meeting or agency conference. Customers who use our instruments as student learning assessment tools can commission a report that can be integrated into their self study reports and distributed to faculty, students and benefactors.

Design a customized assessment package to fit your organization’s specific needs. Contact us to speak with one of our testing specialists or to discuss pricing.

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