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Insight Assessment is committed to Advancing Critical Thinking Worldwide
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Trusted by employers, educators and trainers for more than 30 years, Insight Assessment provides world leading assessments of reasoning skills and thinking mindset.


Our global, app-based, testing system offers our clients the industry’s most versatile and advanced access to valid and reliable scored reports in multiple languages in real time worldwide.

  • Educators can select instruments for students at every level, from early elementary through the graduate professional.  They use data gathered with these instruments in key institutional processes including admissions, advising, accreditation, outcomes assessment, program evaluation, and research.
  • Employers can select instruments for applicants and current employees at all organizational levels, from executive through professional, key staff, and support personnel.  We offer sector specific tools for assessing employees working in business, health care, science and engineering, first responder services, law and government, defense and military.  Our clients use data gathered with these instruments to inform hiring decisions, quality improvement programs and employee training.

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Measurement Expertise

Since our founding in 1986, Insight Assessment has committed itself to providing its clients with the highest quality in scientifically valid measurement tools, precision analytics, easily interpretable individual and group reports, outstanding customer service, and the industry’s leading testing technology.

Senior analytics and assessment specialists with research expertise work side by side with highly qualified technical support and customer service personnel to respond to questions and to assist clients with every aspect of their assessment project.

International Expertise

Today we serve clients in 70 countries and 25+ languages, with specialized high quality culturally-sensitive instruments to measure a person’s critical thinking skills and thinking mindset. With the Insight Assessment app test takers may select from a variety of languages. We work with qualified purchasers throughout the world including multinational institutions, organizations and corporations.

Technical Expertise

hands using 10 different devices Insight Assessment provides 24/7/365 online, securely encrypted delivery of our assessments and results. Our multilingual app test interface provides easy, secure, cost-effective online access to powerful assessments and interfaces.   It is available free for download from your app store and includes sample questions.

For purposes of client confidentiality and data protection, Insight Assessment provides assessment solutions which are time-managed, single use licenses with secure scoring and reporting services. All instruments and translations are copyright protected. Insight Assessment is their exclusive distributer and publisher worldwide in all languages

Useful and Easy to Understand Reports

Graphic showing sample Overall Distribution on CCTSTAt the client’s discretion, an individual’s test scores may be made immediately available to the test taker on the app. Client test administrators may access the data for their group of test takers at any time through their own private portal. Our unique reporting tool enables clients to add custom demographic questions, to aggregate and disaggregate their data, and to download reports as frequently as they are needed.  Group and individual reports provide numerical and categorical scores for as many as 15 critical thinking skill and mindset metrics.  Descriptive statistics, histograms, categorical groupings, and percentile benchmarks are standard elements in a client’s group reports.  Advanced statistical analyses, such as pre-to-post difference score comparisons, may be contracted separately. Highly detailed user manuals accompany each testing instrument and provide guidelines for interpretation, along with information on instrument validity and reliability.

Dedicated to Your Success

At Insight Assessment, we are committed to providing you with the highest quality, valid, and scientifically grounded thinking test instruments, the most accessible test administration interfaces, the most useful and actionable metrics.  To further support you, and as a public service, through our website we maintain a free online public library of resources about teaching, training and learning better thinking.

Critical Thinking Skills SphereBusinesses, health care institutions, governments, military agencies, NGOs, graduate professional schools, two-year and four-year colleges, public and private K-12 schools and school districts, competitively funded researchers, and doctoral dissertation scholars from throughout the world rely on our assessments.

Data gathered with our testing instruments supports essential commercial and educational functions including candidate screening, hiring, student admissions, talent identification, training and educational program evaluation, and much more.  Our assessment specialists are available to talk with you about your project, and to share with you the many ways that our unique combination of tools, reporting structures, and test administration systems can help make your project a success.

Talk to us

Contact us today about your project. We can provide you with a complete thinking assessment solution including high quality tests calibrated for your test takers, quick and easy online start-up using our app based test system, comprehensive and easy to understand score reports, expert consultation, and more.

Next steps

Unfortunately, client service demands do not currently permit us to maintain trained staff in all our supported test languages. We request that you communicate in English to our California, USA office staff to ensure that they can most efficiently provide the information you need. However, if you are not able to write in English, please allow us some extra time to respond so that we can endeavor to translate and understand your request.

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