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Trusted by employers, educators and trainers for more than 30 years, Insight Assessment provides assessment and training tools for improving critical thinking skills and thinking mindset.  Today we serve clients in 70 countries and 25+ languages, with specialized high quality culturally-sensitive instruments to measure a person’s critical thinking skills and thinking mindset.

  • Educators can select instruments for students at every level K-12 and higher education (including early elementary and the graduate professional).  Data gathered in key institutional processes including admissions, advising, accreditation, outcomes assessment, program evaluation, research and critical thinking training.
  • Employers can select assessments for applicants and current employees at all organizational levels,  from executive through professional, key staff, and support personnel.  We offer sector specific tools for assessing employees working in business, health care, science and engineering, first responder services, law and government, defense and military.  Our clients use data gathered with these instruments to inform hiring decisions, quality improvement programs and employee training.

Our turnkey training and development is online, confidential, and available 24/7/365.  INSIGHT Development Program’s proven suite of thinking skills and mindset enrichment modules focus on improving the quality of employee decision-making.  Designed to be used as an independent study, it can also be incorporated into existing training programs.

Everyone needs to think well

Our global, app-based, testing system offers 24/7/365 online, securely encrypted delivery of  multilingual assessments, training and results.

Useful and Easy to Understand Reports

Graphic showing sample Overall Distribution on CCTSTGroup and individual reports provide numerical and categorical scores for 15 critical thinking skill and mindset metrics.  Additionally, you can add custom demographic questions, to aggregate and disaggregate your data.

Test administrators may access the data for their group of test takers, at any time, through their own private portal.  There is the option for individual’s test scores to be made, immediately, available to the test taker.

Highly detailed user manuals accompany each testing instrument.  These provide guidelines for interpretation, along with information on instrument validity and reliability.  Descriptive statistics, histograms, categorical groupings, and percentile benchmarks are standard.  Advanced statistical analyses, such as pre-to-post difference score comparisons, may be contracted, separately.

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