Voting: A Time for Critical Thinking

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Voters need strong thinking skills if we are to succeed as a free and informed democracy.

Good thinking skills are not just for students and workers.

The quality of the decisions we make impact our personal lives also. Every day people are required to make serious choices—about health care, finances, career and educational options and this time of year—about their votes. That’s why Insight Assessment believes everyone needs critical thinking skills starting with K-12 curriculum through college and university programs and businesses practices. 

Red, white and blue circle button saying VOTELike free and fair elections, critical thinking is essential for a healthy democracy.

Elections present important decisions, from the top of a national ballot to the most local issues at the bottom.  America is built on our concept of civic responsibility; it is voters who determine the direction of our government and the future of our communities by choosing who will represent them. We know that our next leaders will be making critical decisions. 

As an electorate we have a personal responsibility to analyze each candidate’s positions, evaluate all policy options, assess risks of actions or inactions, distinguish fact from opinion–and to make reasoned, not uninformed choices.  

It is equally important to consider the reasoning skills of candidates.

  • What skills will they bring to problem-solving?

  • Are they able to make decisions based on complex evidence?

  • Will they think critically enough to adapt to changing situations and information?

  • What is their mindset?

  • Are they motivated to listen and learn? 

Ultimately, voters have to decide which candidate we trust to make the better decisions.

It takes strong thinkers to navigate our nation through the problems and opportunities us today and in the future. Take your vote seriously. 

“Democracy cannot succeed unless those who express their choice are prepared to choose wisely.”

—–Franklin Delano Roosevelt

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