User Agreement for the Insight Assessment On-Line User Interface

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In this agreement, each person who accesses this interface is called a “user,” and whatever a user accesses is called an “instrument.”

We Never Sell Your Information: Insight Assessment has never sold and never will sell any of the information a user enters into this interface.

Your Identity Protected: Insight Assessment has always assisted and will continue to assist organizations using this interface for their assessment or training purposes to make it available to their users (students, employees, or applicants, etc.) in a manner that maximally protects personal privacy including the option of anonymous use.

Policies Posted: Insight Assessment privacy, data protection, and other policy documents are available on its public website(s).

License Use: For purposes of this agreement, a single-use license is consumed when the user accesses an instrument’s first survey item, test question, or page of information.

Copyright Protected: The user acknowledges that this online interface and everything in it are proprietary business property of the California Academic Press LLC and are protected by international copyrights. Except as permitted by purchased use licenses, the user agrees not to reproduce, distribute, hack, harm, limit, alter, or edit this interface or any part of any instrument or results report, table or analysis stored in, generated by, or delivered through this interface.

Non-Disclosure and Non-Compete Agreement: The user agrees not to copy, disclose, describe, imitate, replicate, or mirror this interface or this instrument(s) in whole or in part for any purpose. The user agrees not to create, design, develop, publish, market, or distribute any comparable or competitive instrument or instruments for a period of up to four years from the date of the user’s most recent access.

User Entered Responses: User agrees that the California Academic Press LLC is not responsible for verifying the accuracy of any information or response as may be entered by any user, nor for verifying the identity of the person using an instrument delivered through this interface. The user accepts sole responsibility for the interpretation of scores, results, demographic information, reports, or statistical analyses generated for the user by this interface.

Research and Liability: User agrees that instrument responses are the property of the California Academic Press LLC and may be used for its further research and product development purposes. User agrees to hold the California Academic Press LLC, its owners, officers, and staff members individually and jointly harmless of any liability or responsibility, financial, personal, or otherwise, as may arise out of the use or the misuse by any individual or organization of scores, results, demographic information, reports, or statistical analyses as may be gathered, displayed, downloaded, or otherwise generated by this interface.

DBA: the California Academic Press is an LLC registered with the state of California and does business as Insight Assessment and as Insight Basecamp.

By clicking the “Agree” button, the user acknowledges reading, understanding, and agreeing to abide by the statements above and by all the policies and notices posted on Insight Assessment public website(s).

 Insight Assessment Use Licensure Agreement


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