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If your project requires an authorized translation which we currently do not have listed, please call (650) 697-5628 or use the Contact Us Form below. All scoring of all tests is done by Insight Assessment. Test and scale structures and item responses are never released.

Insight Assessment supports carefully crafted and scientifically controlled research aimed at the development of valid and reliable translations of its English language critical thinking assessment tools into other languages.

Notes for translators: Translating a reasoning skills test or a disposition inventory into another language is challenging and fulfilling. We are especially appreciative of our colleagues around the world who have collaborated with our test authors in order to translate the CCTST and the CCTDI into their native languages. Often their work has required travel to the United States to meet face to face with our authors as well as extensive pilot testing of the preliminary translations. For reasons of instrument validity, reliability, and cultural sensitivity we have strict policies regarding translations. The use of unauthorized translations is strictly prohibited.

Purposes for Translating: Over the past years we have learned that translators typically wish to use one or more of our testing instruments in a research or educational setting. Usually our international colleagues are embarking on some important project for their university or business or they need a measure of critical thinking over time. We do not support and will not authorize translation projects if the goal of the translation proposal is to publish the translation — See Test Security and Limitations below.

Discounts: To support translators in these purposes, Insight Assessment often arranges for the translator to receive some level of discount off the purchase of their use of the translated instrument after all the steps in the translation have been satisfactorily completed according to our translation protocol.

Author Support: With the aid of one of our senior authors, Insight Assessment may take on a translation project with an international collaborator. Our authors support the translator’s efforts to achieve an accurate and complete translation, one which reflects the subtle nuances of wording and phrasing used in the English. At times this includes discussing cultural differences which may affect the test-taker’s understanding of a given item. The translating collaborator is acknowledged on the new language form of the test.

Test Security: Insight Assessment seeks to preserve the security and the integrity of these testing instruments in order to protect against compromising the high impact testing that some clients do. No other persons or organizations may publish or distribute any of the tests listed above in English or in translation, in paper or in electronic form, without the expressed written agreement of publisher (The California Academic Press LLC). The tests in their entirety and each of the test items, whether in English and in translation, are protected by international copyright. See Use Licensure, Privacy, Data Security and Instrument Protection Policies. For security reasons we never release information on test and scale structures or item responses. We do all the scoring and statistical analyses of instruments at Insight Assessment.


  • Translators do not have authorization to publish the translated tool in professional journals, dissertations, or any other venue.
  • Unless prior permission and usage rights have been purchased through Insight Assessment, and unless test responses are scored by Insight Assessment, translators may not, under any circumstances, make, use, distribute, or sell copies of the translated test in any form.
  • Scoring of authorized tests in translation is done by Insight Assessment. Depending on the size of the project and the negotiated translator discounted use fees, arrangements may be made for scoring an Excel data file, or for using CapScore™ or for using our online testing system.

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