Tools to Maximize Seasonal Temporary Hiring

Temporary hires can make or break your business cycle. When you have to hire a lot of people in a short time, it doesn’t mean you have to settle for employees who can’t get the job done or who increase your risks of liability.

You need employees who have the job-related thinking skills and the positive work ethic to deliver customer service and sales—and you need them fast. The competition is on to hire the best candidates, to get them trained and making you money during your peak seasons.

INSIGHTis a cost-effective tool to immediately improve the quality of your new hires across the country.  These online tests are designed to quickly provide objective and reliable data about the thinking skills and habits of mind of job candidates at multiple levels of responsibility.

You can gain the hiring edge while saving time and money:

  • Save time: Administering INSIGHT prior to interviews lets you quickly sort through applications, prescreen out poor performers and elevate the quality of the candidates who are interviewed— all based on objective criteria that define successful staff.

  • Save Money: Reduce HR costs by streamlining the hiring process.  Online testing with results in seconds simplifies hiring in different geographic areas and minimizes administration costs.

  • Reduce Risk.  Boost customer satisfaction and increase sales opportunities. Hire the candidates who demonstrate strength in commitment, professionalism and work ethic.

  • Protect your company: Hire the candidates who perform well on our objective measures of honesty, work place safety or tolerance.

  • Increase corporate hiring standards:  Hire the candidates who demonstrate strength in the problem solving skills you need. Hire the candidates who are fast learners and can be easily trained.  This season you can make hiring about quality as well as quantity.

  • Build for future: Identify potential permanent employees who will strengthen your staff and sales.

You can achieve the impact of hiring a temporary staff ready to learn, work and provide the best service to your customers.

Insight Assessment offers efficient, fast, easy high quality hiring. Contact us to learn how you can be prepared to succeed in the most essential season in your business cycle. 

Make the evidence based decisions that keep you moving forward.

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