THINK Critically, Facione & Gittens

THINK Critically, Facione & Gittens

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THINK Critically, Facione & Gittens, Pearson Education, 2016.

Available in Ravel interactive digital and paperbound.


Chapter intro author videos, interactive exercises and quizzes, chapter summary sketch videos, simulations, enabled text highlighting, enabled note taking, multiple writing challenges, individual and group exercises, audio text, flash card glossary, interactive argument maps, instructor resources, external resource links, and more.

Experience interactive Chapter 4.

Chapter Titles,Think Critically – 2016 Edition

  1. The Power of Critical Thinking
  2. Critical Thinking Mindset and Skills
  3. Solve Problems and Succeed in College; Clarify Ideas and Concepts
  4. Analyze Arguments and Diagram Decisions
  5. Evaluate the Credibility of Claims and Sources
  6. Evaluate Arguments: Four Basic Tests
  7. Valid Inferences
  8. Warranted Inferences
  9. Snap Judgments—Risks and Benefits of Heuristic Thinking
  10. Reflective Decision
  11. Comparative Reasoning
  12. Ideological Reasoning
  13. Empirical Reasoning
  14. Write Sound and Effective Arguments
  15. Ethical Decision Making
  16. The Logic of Declarative Statements
  17. Critical Thinking in the Social Sciences
  18. Critical Thinking in the Natural Sciences

Notes / References

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