The Power of Critical Thinking

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Critical Thinking for Business Professionals

  • Practical recommendations on how to build critical thinking into decision making and problem solving
  • Effective strategies for mitigating risks associated with (a) locking into mistaken options prematurely and (b) over-reliance on reactive judgments
  • Optional personal assessment of business professional reasoning skills and mindset

The Power of Critical Thinking in Business will be the focus of the seminar in Mexico City, April 26-27 facilitated by Dr. Peter Facione, founding CEO and current CFO of Insight Assessment and a principal with Measured Reasons LLC.

Presented by SEMINARIUM, this highly interactive workshop uses genuine cases and individual and group exercises to illustrate how to recognize and seize opportunities for the application of strong critical thinking in business professional contexts. By engaging participants in the application of their business reasoning skills of analysis, interpretation, inference, explanation, evaluation, and meta-cognition, the workshop exercises and builds those skills. By illustrating and affirming the attributes of a positive business professional mindset, the workshop reinforces key attributes for business success including commitment, foresight, resourcefulness, adaptability, and professionalism. A special feature of this workshop is the opportunity for each participant to take an online self-assessment of their own business professional reasoning skills and mindset.

Participants will have the opportunity to experience the INSIGHT Business Professional reasoning skills test and reasoning mindset survey using their own Apple, Samsung, or Windows 10 tablet device, or Windows 10 PC.  Participants will be able to elect to experience these assessments in either English or Spanish.   This unique opportunity is available only to Dr. Facione’s critical thinking seminar participants.  It is being sponsored by Insight Assessment as part of our commitment to the measurement and training of good thinking.

If your company is interested in improving leadership decision making, you need to contact Insight Assessment to learn about the benefits of our online objective assessments of core business professional reasoning skills and mindset attributes.

Strong thinkers deliver results

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