The INSIGHT Health Solution

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What is INSIGHT Health?

A solution to the medical industry’s challenge of making informed, data driven decisions when hiring, placing and developing the talent who can achieve strong operational performance and service ethic.

A suite of tests precisely based on how reasoning skills and mindsets are applied in health care businesses and patient care.

  • Created by the Insight Assessment research team and health professionals with same commitment to highest standards of measurement science, item reliability and test  validation

  • Based on 30 years of Insight Assessment’s research on critical thinking measurement, questions are multidimensional and interrelated so that individual and group test results provide meaningful insights into specific critical thinking skills or specialized metrics applying to professional contexts

A comprehensive cost-effective full service process providing complete start to finish staff and candidate assessment.

  • Skilled customer service: testing specialists will help you match your assessment objectives and the staff or candidates you intend to test  to the specific INSIGHT Health instrument that is calibrated to provide objective, valid assessments of strengths and weaknesses in reasoning

  • Security: Insight Assessment’s secure, encrypted online multilingual interface is available 24-7 for individual and group testing. Testing is available directly at your site or multiple sites, at test centers or to individuals.

  • Ease of administration:  Insight Assessment can manage account set up and support, delivery of products through internal or external networks and test taker assignments.

  • Confidence: You’ll know  that you are using scientifically based, proven objective test instruments that are widely used throughout the world  by health care facilities, academic institutions and businesses to measure high stakes decision making

Data ready to support your decision making process, delivered quickly and confidentially.

  • Within minutes of the test completion, you can receive high quality INSIGHT individual reports providing detailed data about how individuals will perform when faced with new problems in high stakes and time-limited situations.  

  • Reports include a measurement of the overall reasoning of the test taker and descriptions of performance on specific key aspects of decision making and how it impacts success.

There is no room for errors in the provision of health care service, management and operations.  The costs are too high; it’s essential that your employees have the right reasoning skills for their job responsibilities. Contact us to discuss how INSIGHT Health can help you increase efficiency and quality.

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