The Decision Is Up To You

Yes, No, Maybe written on black chalk board

The decision is up to you; you need to hire or promote an employee. Thinking and decision-making skills and a commitment to your company’s mission, vision and values are important considerations at every level of your organization.

So why would you make a hire without assessing these metrics?

We all know that resumes and references provide no more than a starting point when sifting through a candidate pool. And we know that face to face interviews are not only expensive and time intensive, they are often impossible on this global economy.

INSIGHT Business brings consistent objective assessment information about prospective interviewees.  It places all candidates for the job on an equal playing field in your hiring process. There are many considerations when prescreening a key hire. Now you can confidently add consideration of the key job related judgment skills required at each level of responsibility and accountability within your company.

Before you find yourself or your colleagues anchoring around a certain candidate, be sure that candidate has the requisite mindset and decision skills to do the job. Thinking skills are critical for learning and innovation. Hire a leadership team and support staff that can grow with your company, one that is mindful of preventing costly errors in judgment.

  • With our INSIGHT Executive assessment you can build a leadership team with the clear vision of what is coming and the insight to guide your company to reach its goals.
  • Recruiting a leadership support team from within or outside your organization requires the identification of individuals with the professional mindset and problem solving skills needed to achieve your company’s goals. INSIGHT Professional provides you with an assessment to guide your team building.
  • Reduce errors and increase productivity by making thinking skills  and work ethic key metrics in staff promotions and supervision. INSIGHT Business Staff and INSIGHT Support are calibrated to measure the skills that will keep your company running efficiently.
  • Are your employees specialized professionals or personnel in health care, legal services or the military? Ask about our INSIGHT assessments especially designed for the specialized workplace.

Whether you are hiring 10, 50 or 1,000 new staff, INSIGHT Business has an assessment solution that will make your job easier—and provide you with a new employee pool that can support the growth of your company—because you only should interview, hire and promote the best thinkers in the pool.

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