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Colleges and universities throughout the SACS region use Insight Assessment instruments to support QEP projects. 

The SACS Commission has articulated the expectation that there be an institutional commitment to student learning, and a commitment to quality enhancement based on data collected in an ongoing assessment.

For many years colleges and universities from every SACS state that have identified critical thinking and numeracy as a QEP learning goal have used Insight Assessment instruments to gather annual pretest and posttest data.   Many of our SACS QEP clients use custom services to receive enhanced data analyses and reports expressly designed to fit their QEP projects. 

Before, during and beyond accreditation, SACS institutions rely on Insight Assessment to provide the tools necessary to demonstrate educational effectiveness and student success.

Contact us to choose a cost effective, criterion based, valid and reliable measure of critical reasoning skills tailored to your general education and professional education programs. 

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