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Before, during and beyond accreditation, academic institutions rely on Insight Assessment to provide the tools necessary to demonstrate educational effectiveness and student success. At the college, community college, professional school level regional and national accrediting agencies recognize the data gathered with our testing tools for purposes of educational outcomes assessment and accreditation.

Our emphasis is on delivering comprehensive and meaningful data that can be easily disseminated and applied to assist clients’ efforts to carry out specific continuous improvement plans. Using our online system, individual score reports provide immediate personal value to students for advising and placement purposes, supporting programs focused on student success. Spreadsheets of individual scores as well as analyzed group reports can be generated by the client immediately upon data collection and periodically over time, and with the assistance of our support staff, clients can easily design their data collection plan to produce individual reports for each of their departments as well as collective reports for university-level requirements.

Our Assessment Reports scoring package provides you with the tables and graphics needed to compare your student’ achievement with national comparison groups and to identify group strengths and weaknesses.

The power of assessment and reporting data can drive student success and exceed regional and national standards. Insight Assessment gives you quantifiable metrics for the essential skills of critical thinking and quantitative reasoning.

Contact us to add the impact of Insight Assessment reports to your accreditation reports.

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