Strengthening Enrollment and Retention

The STRONGER Me solution to build reasoning and problem-solving skills and a learning success mindset
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Improve retention by strengthening admissions

Improving student retention is a high academic priority.  It is essential to retain the new students you’ve worked so hard to recruit, admit, and enroll, and provide them with the tools to succeed at your institution.

The STRONGER Me is a powerful program to strengthen admissions and launch students on a success trajectory. This online independent learning program in critical thinking is designed to prepare undergraduates for college level learning even before they arrive on campus.

Independent learning with critical thinking assessment

The STRONGER Me: A self-assessment and personal development opportunity delivered to your incoming students asynchronously, online: 

  • College Student Success (CSS) – A self-assessment completed on any mobile or browser device. Your entering students can self-assess to identify their strengths and discover areas where they can grow. The CSS targets the thinking skills and attributes essential for academic success. Offer this assessment in any context where independent learning is appropriate, when students come to campus, or before they arrive.
  • CSS provides an in-depth assessment of your incoming cohort – Individual and group scores that can be used to quickly identify at risk students, useful information for your student success professionals.
  • Insight Development Program (IDP) – An independent learning program providing information about thinking and problem-solving, using reflective thinking exercises students will see as useful for their education, life and work. Students can easily direct their self-training efforts, preparing for their upcoming college or university experience, addressing gaps and building on strengths. The IDP can be accessed 24/7 using any online device.

Student success–and retention– increases when students begin their academic experience with an opportunity to build reasoning skills and a learning success mindset.

Success shown with upward arrow with background of students jumping in celebration

Boost your admissions and academic support programs

 Strengthen your admissions program by offering your admitted students an opportunity to prepare for their upcoming college experience. The STRONGER Me is one of those programs that pays for itself and delivers valuable, valid, and reliable training and assessment consistent with the goals of your educational programs. You can make this program immediately available on your campus.

Talk with us today (650-697-5628) about this cost effective way to fight summer melt and enhance yield. 


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