Strategic Professional Development

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There’s a lot of competition for the top talent. It is essential to think strategically about the goals and direction of your professional development program.  Your new normal will require completely different skills and disciplines.  Training and development will need to accelerate in order to keep up with demand as your employees face changing circumstances, technology innovations, and new responsibilities.

Attract, Develop and Retain the Workers Who Can Grow Your Company

Effective professional development programs increase your competitive edge. In addition to upskilling your employees, learning programs can improve employee engagement and retention.

Internal mobility and opportunities for career advancement are a priority for many employees. Per the 2021 LinkedIn Workplace Learning Report, 94 percent of employees would stay with a company longer if they were given the opportunity to learn.  In fact, employees at companies with high internal mobility stay almost two times longer.

Relevant upskilling should be a core part of your professional development program. Employees want training that meets the dual needs of self-improvement as well as preparation for future job responsibilities.

Your Learning and Development/training programs should be targeted, not just on narrow, content-based knowledge, but also on your workforce’s ability to develop and apply new skills, on-demand.

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Target Professional Development/Learning Programs

Strong critical thinking skills and learning orientation are among the most in-demand job qualifications.  Today’s workplace calls for people who can thrive, produce, learn, and engage, whatever their location.  Knowledge and experience are just the start.  Working remotely requires employees with an impeccable work ethic as well as the problem-solving and decision-making skills to manage their responsibilities, independently.

Business requires agile thinkers. You cannot move forward without investing in the development of essential mindset and thinking skills for all your people. Improving the quality of decision-making reduces the costs of errors and improves productivity throughout your organization.  If your current programs aren’t focused on building a staff with the analytical and reasoning skills to process new insights, deliver solutions and solve problems, your competitors may be beating you to new opportunities.

Every year, businesses spend billions of dollars on training new and current employees. Insight Assessment tools let you refocus your L & D program on what most impacts your company’s success: the thinking skills and learning mindset of your employees.

Increase the Effectiveness of Your Staff

Implementing the INSIGHT Development Program of learning and assessment lets you:

  • Improve the quality of decision-making throughout your organization;
  • Deliver training that impacts the quality of work performed, reducing errors and improving problem-solving;
  • Provide personal assessment reports so employees can see their strengths and areas for improvement in thinking skills and motivation;
  • Assess employee potential for development and growth, strengthening talent development programs by targeting individualized mentoring & training based on measured skills and mindset;
  • Maximize ROI of training dollars with the knowledge that new and current employees are able and motivated to benefit from planned training programs;
  • Identify strengths & weaknesses of teams, departments, or divisions so that systematic problem-solving solutions can be implemented in areas of operations where change is needed;
  • Direct professional development strategies toward enhancing process and leadership skills as well as task-oriented skills;
  • Support internal mobility: create relevant, engaging learning paths that focus on skills that are essential competencies in the hybrid workplace;
  • Match employee skills and talents objectively to job responsibilities, and
  • Use reports of strengths and weaknesses as supervision tools to enhance employee career development. 

Give your employees the opportunity to reach their greatest potential and everyone benefits

With specializations in business, healthcare, law, defense and education, our assessments and INSIGHT Development Program will engage employees in building the skills that your company needs to prosper.

Call us at 650-697-5628 or contact us today to discuss how INSIGHT Development Program can be integrated into your current professional development program or implemented as a new stand-alone initiative. 

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