Strategic Professional Development

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Does your professional development program increase your competitive edge?

Maybe it’s time to make an investment in a strategic program to raise the standards for problem solving, decision making, work ethic and motivation in your employees.

Every year businesses allocate millions of dollars into training new and current employees. Insight Assessment tools let you refocus your professional development program on the factor that most impacts your company’s success: the thinking skills of your employees.

Improving the quality of decision making reduces the costs of errors and improves productivity throughout your organization.  If your current programs aren’t focused on building a staff with the analytical and reasoning skills to process new insights, deliver solutions and solve problems, your competitors may be beating you to new opportunities.

Strategically rethink professional development

Effective training programs specifically target identified needs and then deliver measurable impact.

INSIGHT provides the tools you need to incorporate the improvement of decision-making into your programs. This unique integration of assessment and training modules can be a significant addition to your HR and employee development programs.  The self-paced online modules of INSIGHT Development target improving the core thinking skills and mindset attributes that are required for workplace success. INSIGHT includes an objective measurement of employee strengths and weaknesses in 15 cognitive skills and personal mindset attributes.

Get more value from your professional development dollarsINSIGHT Development Program delivers the data that will let you let you prioritize strong individual and group decision making as core competencies.

  • Improve the quality of decision-making throughout your organization
  • Screen candidates, filtering out those who do not have the thinking skills or potential to produce results.
  • Match employee skills and talents objectively to job responsibilities
  • Assess employee potential for development and growth, strengthening talent development programs by targeting individualized mentoring & training based on measured skills and mindset
  • Build your dream team: reduce errors and increase high quality decision-making
  • Identify strengths & weaknesses of teams, departments, or divisions so that systematic problem-solving solutions can be implemented in areas of operations where change is needed
  • Use reports of strengths and weaknesses as supervision tools to enhance employee career development
  • Focus professional development strategies on increasing process and leadership skills as well as task skills
  • Supplement your onboarding program with an emphasis on essential critical thinking skills
  • Deliver training that impacts the quality of work
  • Document training dollars are well spent; evaluate the success of professional development programs by measuring the increase in desired skills and work ethic.
  • Maximize training dollars with the knowledge that new and current employees are able and motivated to benefit from the planned training program.

Make a strategic investment in a professional development program that increases the effectiveness of your staff.

With specializations in business, healthcare, law, defense and education, INSIGHT assessments and Development Program give you tools to engage employees in building the skills your company needs to grow.

Contact us to discuss how INSIGHT Development Program can be integrated into your current professional development program or implemented as a new initiative.

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