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Gains in critical thinking are powerful and achievable learning outcomes. Schools and universities face growing pressure to document that students are learning the essential skills that prepare them to succeed in the workplace. Evidence that students are developing stronger critical thinking skills is increasingly valuable evidence for academic stakeholders.

For over 30 years, colleges, universities and schools have used Insight Assessment instruments to augment their outcomes effectiveness self-studies, to evaluate the impact of programs or curricula and to support student admissions and placement. Clients depend on Insight Assessment to gather the criterion-based evidence of student thinking skills and thinking mindset that will showcase the value of their educational programs.  

Why choose Insight Assessment?

Our uniquely comprehensive array assessment solutions

High quality data and comprehensive reports for high impact analysis

Full service options

  • secure, encrypted, online app-based multilingual interface for individual and group testing. P
  • complimentary critical thinking learning resources with test adoption
  • high quality client service starting from a consultation on test selection and logistics through delivery and analysis of results
  • preview packages and initial pilot project testing purchases encouraged
  • availability of sales reps who understand your needs and are happy to work to develop a cost-effective project quote

Insight Assessment can get you ready to test online in 24 hours.  Start capturing objective, nationally normed data on entering students to assess their success potential and establish a baseline for accreditation reporting.

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