Sample Thinking Skills Questions

Critical Thinking Skills Sphere

The Critical Thinking Strategies quiz exercises your critical thinking skills. It is not a test of content knowledge. Instead, it targets the skills people need for rational problem-solving and decision-making. The questions provide information and context. You apply your critical thinking skills to reason to the best choice from among those offered. Your personal results will be reported to you on screen as an overall score and as scores on multiple skill dimensions:

  • OVERALL Reasoning Skills
  • Reasoning in Ambiguous and Uncertain Contexts
  • Reasoning in Logically Precise Contexts
  • Analytical and Interpretive Reasoning
  • Evaluative and Explanatory Reasoning
  • Reasoning in Numerical and Quantitative Contexts

How can I develop stronger critical thinking?

Professionals and others wanting to focus on a specific skill or mindset attribute find the online mini-courses offered at Insight Basecamp ideal. The Skill Builders and Mindset Boosters focus on specific aspects of critical thinking.  With these expert-led online one-hour and two-hour courses, you can strengthen your critical thinking skills and mindset. We offer a wide range of courses to help you come to well-reasoned judgments, analyze problems correctly, draw sound inferences, and make thoughtful decisions. Our lifelong learning opportunities cater to professionals from various industries, providing relevant and applicable knowledge. Whether you’re seeking to advance your career or expand your problem-solving skills, our courses are designed to meet your needs.


Students, for a comprehensive course with exercises on every aspect of critical thinking, consider subscribing to Think Critically, Facione & Gittens, published by Pearson Education. Subscribe here:  Drs. Facione and Gittens, along with the research team at Measured Reasons LLC, developed the assessments offered by Insight Assessment and the mini-courses sold separately at Insight Basecamp.

For more about critical thinking in general?

Download a free copy of Critical Thinking: What It Is and Why it Counts” by Dr. Peter Facione.

For free demos of how our skills and mindset assessments appear on line, click here.

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