Sample CCTST Individual Report

CCTST Family of Tests measures critical thinking skills
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Clear concise reports that provide the reliable analysis you need

The CCTST provides objective assessment of the critical thinking and quantitative reasoning skills of university and college students in all disciplines and fields

CCTST individual reports deliver comprehensive metrics about test-taker strengths and weaknesses on the Analysis, Interpretation, Inference, Evaluation, Explanation, Induction, Deduction, Overall Reasoning Skills and Numeracy scales. Numeric scores, categorical rankings and percentile comparisons to national norms are reported for key components of critical thinking.  Descriptions are provided defining each element being measured and why it is important.

Individual reports provide valuable information for admissions, student placement, identifying at risk students as and are often valuable data for accreditation and learning outcomes assessment programs. Many Insight Assessment clients offer printable individual reports to students after the testing is completed.

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