Sale of Use Licenses for Testing to Qualified Buyers Only

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For reasons of assessment security and to protect the testing programs of our institutional and industry clients, we restrict purchase of certain of our testing licenses to qualified professionals and researchers. Employers, human resource directors, assessment directors, university academic administrators, professors, teachers, personnel trainers, staff development professionals and their agents, may purchase measurement tools published by Insight Assessment.  Sales staff may require evidence of credentials for access to assessment license purchase.

Notice: Insight Assessment reserves the right not to sell to qualified individuals who are enrolled in degree programs which use these tools for high-stakes testing purposes or who are employees of client organizations that use our tools for high impact testing purposes.

Notice: Insight Assessment does not sell or supply testing materials for the purpose of psychometric analysis, validation of competing instruments, or as specimens in research methods or instrument development courses.

Notice: Insight Assessment expects that clients will adhere to ethical standards for the use and interpretation of standardized tests.

Notice: Insight Assessment reserves the right, at its sole discretion and without the obligation of prior notice or explanation, not to honor requests to purchase and requests to process scoring or report scores on its instruments regardless of the source of such requests.

Notice: In all testing situations, compliance with the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act is solely the responsibility of the purchaser of tests and testing services. 

Notice: Doctoral Dissertation students who wish to purchase products from Insight Assessment must provide information regarding the testing credentials of their advisors as well as the assurance from advisors that the testing and data management will be in accordance with the ethical treatment of human subjects and protection of data. If more information is needed about purchaser qualifications for our products, please contact Insight Assessment, 703 Pier Ave STE B # 802, Hermosa Beach, CA 90254-3943, USA, or email or use our contact us  window on our website.  Insight Assessment reserves the right to discontinue services or decline purchase requests in the event that there is reason to be concerned that doing otherwise would compromise the security of a measurement tool.

Notice: Doctoral Dissertation students may receive access to purchase instruments from Insight Assessment. Access to Insight Assessment testing instruments is made available to doctoral level students conducting dissertation research after application for this access is made to the company. Supervision of these student researchers is the responsibility of sponsoring advisors. Any violation of the purchase contract is the responsibility of the supervising professor and the degree granting institution.

Notice: Dissertation Advisors / Committee Review or IRB Committee Review — IRB committee review of instruments can be provided through the online testing system only if protection of the instrument is assured by the dissertation director. Instrument validity and reliability precludes any editing or deleting of individual questions or assessment items.

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