Risks Associated with Weak Critical Thinkers

Confused man looking at many question marks on a board trying to make a decision

Weak critical thinking skills show themselves in many ways:

  • dangerous and costly errors,
  • repeated mistakes,
  • bad decisions,
  • failed systems,
  • inaction when action is needed, the giving of bad advice,
  • inaccurate assumptions, the poor design of training programs,
  • the poor evaluation of educational curricula,
  • the lack of anticipated action…

The list of examples of poor critical thinking is long.

Weakness in critical thinking skill results in loss of opportunities, of financial resources, of relationships, and even loss of life. There is probably no other attribute more worthy of measure than critical thinking skills.

Risks of poor thinking

Too often the consequences of poor thinking are discovered too late—after bad decisions are made.

“What was I thinking?”

“How could I have decided to do that?”

“Why didn’t we do more about that problem while we still could?”

We can no longer afford to accept poor critical thinking. The costs are too high. Error rates must be reduced.  Difficult problems and decisions must be addressed reflectively. We cannot accept poor judgments that can lead to irreparable damage and even cost lives.

Critical thinking skills can be improved

Our clients share a common goal: to strengthen the effectiveness of their available talent. They cannot risk the consequences of poor critical thinking.  They invest in the training and assessment of critical thinking because it pays off every day in better decisions.

Insight Assessment provides a complete solution.

INSIGHT Development Program offers a turnkey online critical thinking training curriculum.

Our comprehensive array of thinking skills and mindset assessments are calibrated specifically for educational, professional, business, health care, defense and legal uses.

Contact us today if you cannot afford the risks of poor thinking.

Are you interested in more about the risks of poor critical thinking and benefits of strong thinking skills?  Why Everyone Needs Critical Thinking

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