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Retail sales can rise and fall based on the individual employees.  The quality of customer shopping experiences depends to a large extent on your sales clerks. You can’t afford to have undependable or unmotivated sales people interacting with customers. Increased sales stress distribution centers; without efficient, detail oriented logistical workers you won’t be able to keep shelves filled.

  • It’s time for the store to open.  Inventory has been restocked, displays freshened, floors cleaned.  The store is ready for customers. The staff has been scheduled, training and orientation have been completed– but how do you know your staff is ready for business? Do they have the skills and drive to maximize sales? 

It is imperative that you hire people who have the job-related thinking skills and work ethic that ensure they can and will deliver customer service and sales.  

INSIGHT Business Staff  can immediately improve the quality of your hires.  This assessment has been specifically calibrated to report on the qualifications of your front line staff need to deliver results for you. 

  • Hire based on reliable objective data about crucial skills (like the ability to understand directions, to work with numbers and see consequences of decisions)) and work ethic you need (such as dependability, honesty, job commitment, workplace safety, professionalism, workplace tolerance, workplace flexibility, and the motivation to work and to learn).

  • Streamline the hiring process. Only interview, hire and train new employees who meet your standards.

  • Prescreen candidates or assess staff readiness for increased responsibilities.

  • Easy Administration:  Online administration available 24/7within minutes you receive detailed individual reports providing measurements of candidate strengths and weaknesses in crucial skills. 

Insight Assessment offers efficient, fast, easy high quality hiring. Contact us to learn how you can staff your stores with employees who can increase your sales operations and customer satisfaction.

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