How to Improve Patient Care and Reduce Costs

Nurses analyzing data on screens in operating room to make decisions about improving patient care and outcomes

You’re responsible for reducing costs, while maintaining quality care…

The pandemic has put enormous pressure on you, as a leader, as well as your entire organization. Your costs are going up.  Your healthcare providers and staff are under duress due to the new demands made of them.  This is unlikely to change.

Under these circumstances, how do you cut costs without affecting the quality of patient care?

Tracking overhead costs such as water, electricity, shipping, etc., which do not directly impact patience care, is a standard approach.  But it is a one-time cost-savings.  Once you’ve installed low flow toilets, switched to LCD bulbs, and negotiated a better shipping rate–that’s all you can do. 

Identifying, hiring and promoting the best thinkers, however, is a long-term, sustainable approach. 

Reduce costs and improve patient care levels through a critical thinking culture

The strength of your organization depends on how your workforce meets daily challenges.  Your clinicians are continually faced with complex situations in patient care.  Each decision made impacts your patient outcomes. 

There are standout individuals who consistently excel in their responsibilities. Their strong decision-making is built upon having essential thinking skills (such as analyzing problems, evaluating options, managing consequences, managing uncertainty and managing numbers) along with, equally important, associated thinking mindsets (such as job commitment, work ethic, honesty and focus). 

This combination of strong critical thinking skills and positive mindset will be required for the new normal of healthcare

As you strive to address all the potential hazards and vulnerabilities of your organization, the preparedness of your people is a central concern.  Poorly reasoned decisions are costly.  Stop them before they happen. 

Health care service delivery and clinical outcomes improve when health care leaders actively prioritize improving the quality of employee performance in daily, high stakes, problem-solving and decision-making.

Hospitals and Health Systems have no room for errors or weak skills

It is costly for healthcare organizations when employees lack motivation and have poor problem-solving skills.  The consequences are, usually, discovered too late.  This flawed decision-making can have a major impact on your patient outcomes, operational effectiveness, and financial resources.

At every level, hospital and medical center employees who can anticipate and successfully solve problems are invaluable.  Through innovation, they reduce risk, prevent waste, and protect your bottom line. 

Having the best people for the job is pivotal to success.  Too often, that is only defined as knowledge and experience.  Patient care can also be improved by ensuring that your medical personnel have the strong skills and the thinking mindset necessary in providing quality patient care. 

Initiatives that focus on improving decision-making pay off in quality staff, more efficient operations, error reduction, and focused professional development, over and over, again.  More importantly, along with reducing costs, it results in improving patient outcomes.

Medical Students


Assessment is the first step

INSIGHT Health is calibrated to assess reasoning in the real contexts of job-related problems experienced at various levels of responsibility (professional and staff) in medical services.  These assessments measure fifteen core thinking and mindset competencies which form the foundation of clinical reasoning.  INSIGHT Health gives you the power of an integrated approach; you can measure your professionals and staff’s thinking skills as well as their commitment to the mission, vision and values of your organization.

This cost-effective online tool provides the answers that you need to reducing the costs of errors in judgment and improve patient care throughout all your departments. 

Add the power of INSIGHT Health to your recruitment, training & development

For over 30 years, Insight Assessment has provided a comprehensive array of proven, reliable assessment solutions, testing the reasoning strengths needed for your health care team.  Our health science assessments are widely used globally for health science students and professionals.  Additionally, our consultants have been conducting training and development workshops, for decades, to advance critical thinking ability in the workplace. 

Train to improve decision-making

Easily integrated into your current training and onboarding,  INSIGHT Development Program, provides self-directed study using 20 web-based modules for performance improvement, 24/7/365 days of the year.  

Each online module stimulates a better understanding of the skills utilized in problem-solving and how to avoid common thinking mistakes. Practical strategies are provided to improve participant ability to reason through problems and discover workable solutions. The turn-key program includes an online assessment of skills and mindset strengths to prove ROI, post-training.

Our tools cut costs & improve patient care through better decision-making 

Research shows it is possible to measure and to improve critical thinking skills and mindset disciplines.  Improving staff decision-making starts with proven, science-based, tools. 

Make the best use of your time and available budget.  Incorporate cost-effective assessment and the training of critical thinking skills and mindset into your preparedness plan.

Join our many long-term clients who have transformed their health care service delivery teams with high performance reasoning and effective decision-making.

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