Reduce Costs Without Impacting Patient Care

INSIGHT Health measures critical thinking in health care delivery, improve clinical reasoning
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There is no room for error in a hospital or medical center.

It costs health care businesses money when problems are solved based on poor reasoning skills or when staff choose not to apply their reasoning skills to problem-solving.  Poorly reasoned decisions can have major consequences for patients, for business operations and for funding.

How can you reduce costs without impacting patient care?

Identify, hire and promote the best thinkers; it pays off in quality staff, more efficient operations, error reduction, lower costs and focused professional development.

INSIGHT Health gives you the power of an integrated approach; you can measure your staff’s thinking skills as well as their commitment to the mission, vision and values of your team.  INSIGHT Health offers customized comprehensive two part solutions (Mindset and Skills) calibrated to assess reasoning in the contexts of actual job related problems experienced at various levels of responsibility.   Part 1 assesses the motivation to learn, to excel and to problem-solve effectively.  Part 2 assesses the essential reasoning skills required for success at targeted levels of responsibility.

Now you can prioritize strength in reasoning skills and mindset attributes in all your departments.

INSIGHT Health provides cost-effective,  easily administered tools which can provide the answers you need to minimize the costs of errors in judgment and poor decisions throughout all departments.

  • Get individual reports on employee and candidates’ reasoning skills for placement and promotion
  • Evaluate the need for and/or the effect of professional development initiatives to decrease reasoning errors and improve high stakes decisions throughout the organization
  • Set measurable outcomes for increasing  strength in reasoning skills to reduce costs incurred when staff members have poor problem-solving skills and mindsets
  • Ensure your staff has strength in the reasoning skills required  at their level of  responsibility and accountability
  • Build a team that is able to anticipate problems, evaluate options and make good judgments in challenging contexts

These assessments can easily be integrated into your current training processes using INSIGHT Development Program, which offers a series of online thinking skills and mindset enrichment modules with accompanying exercises, access to an assessment metric and performance reporting tools.

Add the power of INSIGHT Health online reasoning skills assessments to your recruitment and training.

Join our many long term clients who have transformed their health care service delivery teams into high performance reasoning and decision making units.

INSIGHT Health is a member of the INSIGHT suite of thinking tests. INSIGHT Health provides an array of assessments for patient facing staff.  INSIGHT Business provides the ability to objectively measure the decision skills and mindset in the non-clinical staff at all levels of your organization.  INSIGHT Law Professional focuses on the professional mindset and reasoning skills necessary for your legal staff.

For over 30 years, Insight Assessment has provided a comprehensive array of proven, reliable assessment solutions which test the reasoning strengths needed for job responsibilities throughout your health care team.

Contact us to speak with one of our testing specialists who can help you identify the assessment instrument which is calibrated to your complex staffing requirements.

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