Quality Decision Making for Security Teams

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Evaluating business security is a growing challenge. Internal, external, physical and data attacks are an increasing threat to your business.  How do you assess the quality of your security team?

Measure the reasoning skills of candidates as part of your screening and security clearances; invest in ensuring that your staff will meet your standards in their daily responsibilities. INSIGHT Businessis a suite of objective cost-effective assessment tools calibrated to objectively measure the thinking attributes and reasoning skills needed by effective security personnel at the executive, professional, staff levels.  Clients using these instruments receive individual and group reports on multiple mindset attributes and reasoning skill metrics.  These data can be used to inform training programs, hiring and promotion decisions.

Your security team must be prepared to make high stakes decisions. You need to be sure they have the situation analysis and problem solving skills to deal strategically with the unexpected. They must be able to understand and commit to your protocols and procedures. You need to be confident they will perform with professionalism, clearly and honestly communicating activities and concerns.  INSIGHT assesses this complex interaction of core reasoning skills and the thinking mindset.

Effective protection for your company is based on:

  • Standards for Reasoning Skills: make a commitment to only hiring and promoting strong thinkers.  Prescreen candidates to identify applicants with the strongest thinking skills and work ethic.

  • Targetedtraining: use objective measurements to focus ongoing professional development to counter weaknesses and promote strengths.

Increase the competence of your security staff. Make sure your security team can anticipate and react to threats to your business. Contact Insight Assessment to reduce your risks.

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