Proven Digital Testing Tools for Admissions

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Use our digital testing tools with confidence 

Actions now will help you recruit, qualify, and retain new and returning students.

For 20 years, Insight Assessment has been providing digital testing for critical thinking, globally, that is proven, validated, encrypted. Digital assessments are easily accessible on laptops, tablets and mobile phones on numerous browsers and technology platforms.

Our test instruments, like the highly respected CCTST and HSRT, are widely used in high stakes undergraduate and graduate level admissions programs.

15 reasons to use Insight Assessment test instruments for college admissions


Critical thinking metrics predict academic success

  1. Strong critical thinking is an established predictor of academic success.
  2. Our critical thinking assessments measure skill and dispositions. No specialized knowledge is required.
  3. Insight Assessment instruments are research-based, validated and reliable.
  4. It is not possible to prepare, or study, for critical thinking tests, equalizing the test experience.

Instruments calibrated for your students

  1. Insight Assessment offers an extensive array of educational test instruments. We have an instrument that is calibrated for your student’s exact academic level.
  2. Our instruments are currently used by institutions of every kind, including four-year colleges & universities, two-year community colleges,  tech schools, research universities and regional comprehensives.

Validated, relevant data and analytics

  1. Skills tests provide an OVERALL Score. Numeric and qualitative scores are reported for 8 recognized components of critical thinking skill.
  2. Appropriate comparison percentiles are available for your students and programs.
  3. Mindset tests report on 7 key aspects of an applicant’s overall disposition toward using critical thinking.
  4. Comprehensive data and analytics are provided in our reports with optional individual report.
  5. Individual and group data is valuable, not only for admissions, but also for placement, student success and retention programs, as well as for accreditation self-studies.

Proven digital testing delivery

  1. Assessments are delivered 24/7, using our flexible, proven app based mobile delivery.
  2. Assessments can be taken at home using personal devices.
  3. Multiple translations are available.
  4. Assessment of critical thinking skills and mindset can be completed in two digestible time chunks: 45 minutes for the skills portion; 25 minutes for the mindset section.


It is possible to get the admissions data you need using digital testing tools

When the physical locations of educational institutions reopen, you can be positioned with new cohorts of students eager to earn degrees, in person.

Call us at 650-697-5628  or contact us online for proven, reliable assessments, ready to be delivered to your applicants.. our

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