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How to Submit Work for Publication

Insight Assessment welcomes submissions of tests, inventories, books, rubrics, or other works for publication. Authors who own the legal rights to materials, or who have copyright clearances, are invited to submit proposals and materials for publication. 

We will not knowingly publish tests, books, or other materials which we are invalid, unreliable, or infringements on the copyrights of others; nonetheless, authors are solely responsible for the originality, validity, reliability of tests proposed for publication.  

We encourage submissions with any of the following foci:

  • critical thinking,

  • individual or group reasoning,

  • higher order thinking,

  • reasoning processes,

  • leadership decision making,

  • attitudes toward good decision-making,

  • accurate problem-framing,

  • successful problem-solving,

  • clinical judgment,

  • professional judgment,

  • cognitive heuristics and reflective judgment, and related topics.

Products identified for development after initial in-house review generally are set for external review. Author contracts include clauses specifying copyright and royalty payments.

Send letter of initial inquiry briefly addressing the information requested below:.


1. Your Full Name Here:
2. Institutional Affiliation:
3. Full Mailing Address:
4. Phone Numbers:
5. E-mail:
6. Any Additional Author(s):


1. Title of the Product:
2. Product Description and Purpose (Why is there a need for this product?):
3. Provide theoretical rationale for measurement tool:
4. Target Population for measurement tool:


1. Who do you expect to use this product?
2. What improvements does this product make over competing products?
3. What is the market value for this product?

PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT PROCESS (Reliability and Validity)

1. Have you pilot-tested this tool?

a) If so: Please describe the population
b) Please provide reliability and validity information (Internal consistency measures, criterion-based correlations, etc.)

Authors are solely responsible for the validity, reliability of tests proposed for publication and for having the legal right, including copyright clearances if necessary, to offer for publication all of the materials which they submit. Insight Assessment will not knowingly publish tests, books, or other materials which we are invalid, unreliable, or infringements on the copyrights of others.

2. Have you published any articles on the development of this tool?
3. Is your product currently being reviewed elsewhere?

Mail to:

Attn: Translation Proposals

Insight Assessment
1735 N 1st Street, Suite 306
San Jose, CA 95112-4511 USA

* Send self-addressed stamped envelope if you wish your materials to be returned to you. Please allow ten weeks for a response.

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