Professional Judgment Rating Form (PJRF)

Professional Judgment Rating Form (PJRF)

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The Professional Judgment Rating Form (PJRF) was developed by our research team to make holistic assessments of critical thinking in educational and workplace settings. The PJRF is used for teaching critical thinking as well, because it is easy to use as the basis for mentoring and reflective discussions about reflective and fair-minded problem solving and decision making.

The Professional Judgment Rating Form (PJRF), available in PDF format below, is designed to assess novice professionals on the quality of their judgment in workplace situations requiring critical thinking. The PJRF can be used by supervisors, peers, or as a self-evaluation instrument. The rating form consists of two groups of ten descriptors. The first group of ten relate primarily to the attitudinal (or habits of mind) dimension of critical thinking. The second group of ten relate primarily to critical thinking skills.

The person using the PJRF rates the novice by responding yes or no to each of the 20 descriptors. By agreeing or disagreeing with descriptor prompts such as “Systematic in approaching problems and available solutions”, evaluators quantify the soundness of judgment displayed and the motivation manifested by a novice professional. The rated individual is assigned one point for each desirable response the evaluator provides.

The PJRF can be used for individual evaluation, mentoring, and personnel files. Instructions on use and scoring appear on each form. The instruction manual  provides a more detailed set of instructions, interpretation guidelines, subsequent action suggestions, as well as a section on developing inter-rater reliability.

The PJRF is available in English and in Traditional Chinese.

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