Problem-Based Learning in a Competency-Based Medical Assistants Curriculum

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Using Problem-Based Learning

Dr. Rodney L Tomczak, Des Moines Medical University, USA

Through the use of clinical scenarios this lesson illustrates how PBL can be used to teach phlebotomy students about the unexpected variation of problems that present in clinical practice. As illustrated here, training in critical thinking is an integral part of training clinical expertise and sound clinical reasoning.  Dr. Tomczak served as co-chairman of the Problem-based learning curriculum for Ohio State University College of Medicine. We know you will enjoy the lesson he is sharing here in this chapter, as well as the classic references on teaching and learning. Yes, there really is a reference here from the 1890 Journal ‘Science.’ Thank you, Dr. Tomczak, for your wonderful humor and for this creative problem-based learning exerciseDr. Rodney L Tomczak, Des Moines Medical University, USA.

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