Reduce Risk, Prevent Loss and Limit Liability

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Prescreening tools to reduce risk

Employees who are weak in workplace thinking skills are the greatest cause of lost opportunity. Errors in judgment often result in serious liability costs.  Employee theft reduces profits.  Together these two factors make the difference between a profitable business and one that fails.

To reduce risk, businesses need motivated and committed employees who have the thinking skills needed to make evidence-based judgments and a strong work ethic.  Dependability, regard for safety, commitment, flexibility, desire to learn are characteristics of productive employees.

You can reduce loss and liability by prescreening employees; all INSIGHT Business assessments provide reports on key work ethic metrics including honesty, workplace safety, desire to work and professionalism.

Many of our customers will not introduce an employee into a position that would provide them that opportunity without prescreening using our objective assessment tools.

Objectively evaluate employee honesty to reduce shrinkage

HONESTY is critical for customer relations and effective teams. Honesty, trustworthiness, integrity, ethics, truthfulness and respect for property are non-negotiable. INSIGHT assessments provide objective measures of honesty as well as commitment, dedication, tolerance, and other attributes that are valued by employers and customers.

Shrink is rarely totally eliminated, but the best employees have fewer issues and will assist our clients to diligently monitor customer theft. Employees with stronger thinking skills and the desire to do a good job will be the best line of defense against shrink.

INSIGHT assessments are calibrated to objectively measure the nuances of how the honesty attribute is manifested throughout your organization.  Prescreening employees with our t tools help our clients out-perform their competition in managing shrink.

 INSIGHT Business Staff and INSIGHT Support include a specific measurements of honesty as well as job commitment, dependability and five additional mindsets

Can I integrate your tools into a Loss Prevention Program?

Yes. Comprehensive loss prevention programs address more than just rules and regulations. In order to reduce risk, they must also focus on hiring/developing employees who value honesty and on creating a positive business culture.  INSIGHT can help you identify strengths and weaknesses in your staff.

Many of our clients initiate a loss prevention program by assessing the team they use to support it.  The most important professionals to test are the loss prevention professionals themselves. Our comprehensive tools provide insights into 10 business mindsets  and 5 essential thinking skills that will reflect the judgment businesses desire.  For some clients this ensures that their loss prevention strategies translate throughout the organization consistently.

If you are introducing intervention programs, pre and post program assessments using INSIGHT tools to gather data will provide objective data reporting to required to evaluate the effectiveness of those programs.

Contact us todayor call us at 650- 697-5628.  Be proactive.  Prescreen employees so you can reduce risks by hiring and retaining employees who want to build your business.

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