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Insight Assessment personal critical thinking tests

High-quality, expertly designed, and interactive critical thinking self-development tools are available through INSIGHT BASECAMP.


Adults, teens, and children can gain the reasoning skills and habits of mind that will last them a lifetime. With new short courses, quizzes, and surveys designed by experts in the training of critical thinking, everyone can build their critical thinking skills and fortify their positive thinking habits of mind in as little as one hour.

Over a dozen engaging, and easy-to-read Deep Dive, Mindset Booster, and Skill Builder interactive online short courses supply the tools and techniques necessary to apply the principles of critical thinking to everyday situations. Through a wide variety of real-life examples, these courses provide the opportunity to practice and apply the skills and techniques taught in the course material. Each user will receive downloadable detailed feedback and a summary of all the key ideas at the end of each course.

CEU Packs Teachers, nurses, attorneys, family counselors, engineers, and other professionals looking to earn meaningful and broadly applicable continuing education units for licensure renewal can purchase fully accredited CEU Packs. Approved bundles of INSIGHT BASECAMP  short courses can be purchased at a discounted price to earn continuing education units through Saint Mary’s College of California.

The short-courses, quizzes, and surveys at INSIGHT BASECAMP are designed so individuals can identify their own strengths and weaknesses, develop strategies for improving their critical thinking skills, and gain a confident mindset necessary to make sound decisions in their everyday and professional lives. The quizzes and surveys are designed based on age level and are available to individuals ranging from children to adulthood.

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