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Thinking skills and performance reviews

Critical thinking skills and mindset are usually not included in formal performance evaluations.

But they should be.

Business success is determined by the quality of decisions made about customer service, production tolerances, goal setting, risk evaluation, implementation of changes, etc.

Making personnel decisions without assuring high quality thinking is risky–and too often, quite expensive.  Without objective, valid and reliable metrics,evaluating employee potential is subjective. The lack of these type of metrics may result in discrimination complaints due to unfair or unjust evaluation criteria.


Best practices for how to evaluate performance

Generally, the annual employee review processes ends when the paperwork is completed. Reviews are then filed and forgotten for another yearPerformance reviews should, instead,  be part of continuous professional development (CPD).  Evaluation, done right, involves recognizing achievements; addressing past, current and future responsibilities; and, then, setting goals. 

The focus should be on the future potential of the employee rather than a simple once-a-year retrospective appraisal.

Business profits depend on putting the right person in the right job.  This requires knowing which employees, or new hires, have the cognitive skills, mindset and motivation to learn fast and to be productive.

Use proven metrics to optimize employee performance

Essential business thinking skills and mindset can be assessed objectively and effectively.

Integrating assessment of decision-making skills into performance evaluations provides solid metrics to optimize individual and team potential, while reducing risks.

Consider the competitive advantage of having common set of powerful measurements to assist in HR functions, such as:

  • Hiring and placement of employees;
  • Evaluation of employee potential for development and growth;
  • Objective guidance for ongoing supervision discussions;
  • Identification of top talent;
  • Informed decisions about promotions;
  • Targeting talent development and support;
  • Planning for future leadership.

Everyone benefits when you incorporate critical thinking assessments into your performance review process.

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The information to identify and develop high potential employees 

Data quality determines the effectiveness and impact of an assessment program. Objective and reliable metrics can drive innovation and document achievement of goals.

  • Start by gathering baseline data about the thinking skills and motivation of employees.
  • Focus on filling team/company capability gaps: identifying which skills and characteristics employees actually need to succeed.
  • Use the INSIGHT comprehensive individual report to provide feedback regarding an employee’s specific reasoning skills strengths and weaknesses. Further, determine how those key aspects of thinking impact his or her job performance.
  • Work with employees to develop personal growth objectives such as skills to be learned, and attributes to be fostered.
  • Use mindset metrics to optimize individual contributions to team performance.
  • Offer opportunities for employees to target areas for improvement.
  • Enhance talent development by identifying fast learners who will benefit from training and who have the highest capacity for advancement.
  • Use in succession planning to identify employees with leadership skills and drive.

Data to improve performance reviews

INSIGHT provides high quality data that predicts advancement potential and supports skills development.

INSIGHT Business Professional measures 15 employee thinking strengths and challenges including approaches to problem-solving, ability to work with numerical data, commitment, desire to learn and professionalism.

These valid and reliable metrics enable HR and management to objectively match employee skills and talents to job responsibilities.

INSIGHT Development Program is a self-paced training program that focuses on improving the skills needed to advance career and employment opportunities. Designed to be used as an independent study by employees, it can also be incorporated into existing training programs. INSIGHT Development Program is online, confidential, and available at staff member convenience.

Contact us to gain relevant, reliable data to use throughout the year to increase your workforce’s productivity.

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